The Poop Scoop – Volume 1

Welcome to the first issue of The Poop Scoop where everything fecal is discussed.

Why? You ask. Well, because your poop says a whole lot about your health and also because talking about it is considered taboo and gross. I like tackling the “hard to deal with out loud” stuff. I think most people don’t want to talk about poop because it embarrasses them. We just need to get over that. This is about biology and health. So let’s sit down and chat for awhile.

Years ago, my youngest son was very ill. Constipation directly related to Lyme disease was one of his symptoms. Not only was it very painful (constant stomach aches, nausea, and headaches) but I had to learn way more about poop than I had ever imagined possible so I could help him get well.

And that my friends,┬áleads me to the first topic here at The Poop Scoop. Let’s determine the different types of poop and what a healthy poop actually is. But let’s set some ground rules.

First, I’m not going to say bowel movement, feces or any other word usually than just plain old poop.

Second, no topic related to all things poop is off limits so feel free to send questions on anything related to pooping.

Together we will demystify the age-old gross-out for most people and at the same time have some fun talking about a subject most are afraid to talk about.

And thirdly, let’s LEARN.

Always learning so that we may be as healthy as possible.

What does a healthy poop look like?

It can be many colors. But as far as texture/consistency, it should be smooth and slips out easily. Below is the famous and helpful “Bristol Stool Chart”. When my son was sick, this is the chart I got and every time he went we had to make note of what type it was and when he went (am/pm) along with the date.

Now, I know, you are saying to yourself, “Mandi, I don’t look at my poop.” Ok. Start looking at it then. You really should. If not every poop then every couple. What comes out of you and what state it is in tells you a couple of things:

  • Are you dehydrated? If your poop is like little rocks or there are cracks all over your log, then you may be.
  • Are you not eating enough fiber/fruit/greens? Your poop is really lumpy and can hurt to come out
  • Are you super stressed or eating too many trans fats? Your poop has no real solid form….very mushy or flaky
  • Are you toxic? Are you not going very often because this is an indicator. You know that saying – “He is full of crap?” Well, if you are full of it, you are swimming in toxins and this can make you grumpy, tired and achy.

Check out the chart below and start looking at your poops so you can determine if you need to make some changes in your daily lifestyle which we will discuss in upcoming issues.

#4 is where it’s at! That’s your goal. We’ve always called it #2 but a healthy poop is really a #4.

Happy pooping y’all!


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Mandi Elmore

As a IIN Health Coach, Mandi works with her clients using a "four pronged" approach to health: diet, toxin removal/avoidance, exercise and lifestyle change through individual and group coaching, workshops, teleclasses and group cleanses. She is also a Lyme Disease and Chronic Illness Advocate.

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